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Special masterplan to improve UGD in Bengaluru: CM Bommai

K2 political news : Based on the reports of the Indian Institute of Sciences and others, a special masterplan is under preparation to improve the Underground Drainage system as well as to re-build the entire Rajakaluve in Bengaluru City, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking after inaugurating a slew of programs including ‘Namma Clinic’ in Mahalakshmi Layout Assembly constituency in BBMP limits here on Tuesday, he said new roads and three types of drainage facilities are constructed in the wards to take out water from Bengaluru City. Several technical decisions have been to remove the major bottlenecks. The construction of the new Rajakaluve has been taken up for Rs 2000 crore in Bengaluru to prevent problems from rains this time.

Effective management of traffic density in Bengaluru : The CM said Bengaluru City is growing and over 5,000 new vehicles are added to the road daily. While the human population in Bengaluru is around 1.25 crore, there are 1.6 crore vehicles. To effectively manage traffic density in Bengaluru City, a new system has been formulated. Within two months, the traffic density has been addressed. A special commissioner of Police has been appointed exclusively for the management of traffic. This has helped in a great way. Besides, roads, parks, schools, and hospitals are also being developed.

Management of rainwater through the new Rajakaluve : The CM said this area must be shown to those who tell that Bengaluru is denied development. If this kind of development takes place in the constituencies of all the MLAs the entire Bengaluru City could be developed. Bengaluru City received unprecedented heavy rains after 50 years and due to earlier safety measures, floods had been witnessed only in two constituencies. Earlier, if it rains, the tanks and waterbodies would fill first and then accumulate in low-lying areas. The previous government encouraged the encroachment of Rajakaluves by taking black money from big companies. But now those encroachments are being removed and the new Rajakaluve is being constructed. Taking out the rainwater from Bengaluru City has been the achievement of the incumbent government. The floods would not have occurred had the previous governments maintained the Rajakaluves effectively.

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