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you have to increase your memory power Techniques for Memory

Hi friends.

Often we confused while we are writing competitive exams and academic exams.

Ask your friend for a quick reply, Are you a bachelor or unmarried? In confusion, his reply will be “I am a bachelor.” The correct answer is Bachelor and Unmarried. Reasons for this wrong answer is he/she is not confident.

For correct answer needs practice and you will become confident. You want become confident, you have to increase your memory power. For memory power you must follow some techniques. These techniques would improve your memory power and it gives you 100% answer. Here are some technique for memory.

A poor student means financially and academically weak not getting an IIT rank ,medical seat and other ranks. If you learn my simple techniques of the subject and G.K, you will get 100% rank in different kinds of exams.

We cannot tell prime numbers immediately. You should follow below technique, you are able to tell answer immediately.

• One person was watching T.V. He was watching D.D(Doordarshan), he changed the B.B.C and B.B.C. His friend asked him his qualification. He anwered B.A

• D.D B.B.C. B.B.C. B.A
D- is the 4th letter means 4 prime numbers from 1 to 10. D-4, from 10 to 20 4 prime numbers.

B 2nd letter means 2 prime numbers from 20 to 30 again B. 2 prime numbers from 30 to 40. C- means 3 prime numbers from 40 to 50.

B-means 2 prime numbers from 50 to 60. B-means 2 prime numbers from 60 to 70. C- means 3 prime numbers from 70 to 80.

B- means 2 prime numbers from 80 to 90. A- means 1 prime number from 90 to 100.
Total Prime Numbers from 1 to 100 are 25.

• You know one of the famous actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao was popularly called as ANR. In the name of ANR sure we will get one bit.

ANR – A means Acids, N-neeli (blue), R-red,
• Acids convert Blue litmus to Red.

• Amazon(A) river rises in Andes(A) Mountains and emptying into Atlantic Ocean(A).
Triple Formula
AAA: A-Amazon River rises in A-Andes Mountains and emptying into A-Atlantic Ocean.

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